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The world’s first helicopter landing pad system that is synchronized with a vessel’s stabilisation system and incorporates a vessel or pilot activated, magnetised pad, to add extra safety at the moment of touch-down.
The vision of safe, functional, innovative and world leading exceptional design, is once again demonstrated by Steve Kozloff Designs, in the creation of 'Gyro-LZ', conceptualized by Neill Laurenson and brought to life by Steve Kozloff. Although 'Gyro-LZ is in the early design stages, all of the Goliath Series vessels will have the capability of being outfitted with 'Gyro-LZ', 'Gyro-LZ' synchronizes 'instantly' with the data received from digital outputs received from the vessel's stabilisation thruster systems. Please contact us.
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'Gyro-LZ' synchronises 'instantly' with the data received from digital outputs received from the vessels stabilisation thruster systems.
It is anticipated that in 'mild to rough seas' and mild winds, Gyro-LZ could mitigate up to 65% to 85% of the deck roll and lift movement normally experienced, and having to be dealt with by pilots.
In rough conditions and strong to extreme winds, if flying could not be avoided, it is anticipated that "Gyro-LZ' could mitigate up to 35% of the roll and lift being experienced by the ship, to assist landing operations.

* As this system is in 'Concept development Stage', all these assumptions are yet to be verified and tested.

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